VH-UVY  Tugan (Wackett) LJW.7A Gannet  (c/n TA.55)

                                Like the earlier "Codock" (VH-URP) the Gannet was an indigenous Australian light transport
                                designed by Lawrence J. Wackett.  It was originally produced by Tugan Aircraft, although this
                                concern was absorbed by the Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation early in 1937 and its prod-
                                ucts were thereafter known as "Wackett" aircraft, after their famed designer.  Six new Gannets
                                were acquired by the RAAF in the early days of WW II for ambulance duties.    VH-UVY was
                                built as a pure civilian machine but impressed  into service with the RAAF as A14-7 after being
                                used by Commonwealth Aircraft itself for several years.   Most Gannets were powered by two
                                200 hp D.H. Gipsy Six engines, although in the event, VH-UVY had two 200 hp Menasco B6S
                                motors.       Immediately below is another image of -UVY, from the Neil Follett collection, whilst
                                at the foot of the page is a photo courtesy of the State Library of New South Wales, showing the
                                machine after a slight prang at Gosford, NSW, on 4 June 1937.  It had left Broken Hill  the previous
                                day on a scheduled Intercity Airlines air mail service from Broken Hill to Sydney with 1 hapless
                                passenger,  pilot Captain H. F. Boston and a company mechanic on board.       That evening he
                                had made a precautionary landing on Heydon Downs Station, Narromine NSW due to headwinds
                                and low fuel.       Next morning they departed for Sydney but diverted north to land at Newcastle
                                due to poor weather.    After leaving Newcastle for Sydney they encountered worse weather and
                                with approaching darkness made a forced landing on the golf course at Gosford, running into a
                                ditch on the golf course.    -UVY was being leased from Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation,
                                Fishermans Bend, Melbourne which acquired the completed Gannets when it took over the manu-
                                facturer, Tugan Aircraft Ltd at Mascot.       The aircraft was taken to Mascot for repair, and on
                                completion was test flown on 10 November 1937 by Captain Dick Mant of W. R. Carpenter & Co.
                                As indicated above it was impressed by the RAAF in October 1940 as A14-7