VH-UVU  Tugan LJW.7 Gannet        (c/n   TA.54)

                                 This is a sister aircraft to VH-UVY.   The photo above, from the John Oxley Library, State Library
                                 of Queensland shows the aircraft when new as delivered by Tugan Aircraft in February 1936.     It
                                 was sold to W.A.S.P. Airlines a month later and evidently the outboard tailplane fins were dispensed
                                 with (see photographs below).   The upper, nice color shot, showing -UVU at Wilcannia in 1936 is
                                 from the State Library of NSW collection, whilst the B&W following that was at Mascot, at around
                                 the same time.            The inscription on the nose of the original of this latter photograph below says
                                 'Western W.A.S.P. Airlines'.  Finally, at the foot of the page it is seen in a shot via Bruce Robinson
                                 wearing a race/rally number.        Incidentally, all RAAF Gannets for which I have observed images
                                 have retained the triple fins.       VH-UVU had a variety of owners in its lifetime including Airlines of
                                 Australia and Butler Air Transport.     It was withdrawn from use in 1945 and appears never to have
                                 been impressed into military service during WW II.