VH-UOO  Vickers 198 Viastra II                     (c/n   1)


                               Two Vickers Viastras were added to the WA Airways fleet in 1931.   They were an attempt to
                               speed up services from those acheivable with the lumbering D.H.66 Hercules.  This is the first
                               one and was operated by the airline from 1931 until its Certificate of Registration was allowed
                               to lapse in 1936.  I can only assume that the asset life was five years and as soon as it was fully
                               depreciated it was withdrawn from service.   (See VH-UOM for notes on its sad operational
                               history).   The above photograph, by Norm Valentine from the CAHS arvhices, (via Phil Vabre),
                               shows the aircraft at Maylands Aerodrome, Perth circa 1931.  The lower shot came.came from
                               a pre-war Vickers publication and was taken in the UK before it left for Australia.