VH-UOH   General Aircraft Genairco                                        (c/n  17)


                                   Photographed in Fiji in 1933 after it had been sold to the original Fiji Airways where it eventually
                                   became VQ-FAC.  -UOH was shipped to Fiji first, where it was later rebuilt as the second cabin
                                   model by George Boehm (of Genairco) who had taken a position with Fiji Airways.  It was restored
                                   to the Australian register in 1936 as VH-UUI.  (Had it been in the UK, it would have reverted to
                                   its original rego).  Photo above from the Geoff Goodall collection.     Geoff indicates that -UOH,
                                   along with Genairco Cabin Biplane VH-UOJ were both shipped  out to Suva from Sydney on the
                                   SS Aorangi, departing 2 Feb 1933.   They were accompanied by General Aircraft Co Ltd's
                                   owner/CEO George Boehm to supervise their assembly and the fitting of their floats which were
                                   designed by Lawrence Wackett and had been built at Cockatoo Island Dockyard in Sydney.
                                   Due to poor patronage, Fii Airways Ltd ceased operations in Feb 1934.   The company, which
                                   was registered in Adelaide with Guinea Airways backing, was liquidated two years later.