Hawker Heron  J6989                           (c/n


                                The Hawker Heron was built in 1925 as a private venture, and was notable in that it was first of the
                                Hawker company's designs to have a predominantly metal structure.  The fuselage was built up of
                                round steel and aluminium tubing bolted (rather than welded) together and braced with high tensile
                                wires.  The single-bay biplane also had provision for two 7.7mm synchronised Vickers guns.  It was
                                probably, in its unique construction, so far ahead of its time that the RAF decided against recommend-
                                ing it for series production.  This, despite the fact that everyone who flew it at Martlesham Heath in 1926
                                avowed that it was an excellent machine.  Only one prototype was built.