SP-LMK  Lockheed 14-H                                                   (c/n  1425)


                                  This Lockheed Aircraft Co image shows the last of 6 Lockheed 14-Hs delivered to the Polish
                                  national carrier in 1938.  It was originally intended to have been SP-BMK, but that registration
                                  had been allotted to a PZL 37 Los, hence the re-registration.     This aircraft was one of the
                                  LOT fleet which escaped to the UK just as the Nazis overran Poland and became G-AGAV.
                                  Theo Piskorz advises, as an historic note, that this is the aircraft which was flown with a crew
                                  of five Polish aviators (his father was the engineer/navigator) on an experimental flight from Los
                                  Angeles to Warsaw in May of 1938.  The route took them south through Latin America, across
                                  to Africa and then north to Poland!   Quite a feat for those days.   More on this exploit can be
                                  found at:         http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lockheed_Model_14_Super_Electra