U.S. Civil Aircraft Images

         Airlines                            A Pictorial History, by airline, by type, with registration number of
                                                 representative individual aircraft.  

         Non-Scheduled Airlines  Commonly called "Non-skeds" these upstart carriers were prevalent
                                                 in the 1940s and 1950s.  The CAB called them "Large Irregular Carriers"
                                                 and they were not permitted (theoretically) to operate on a regular basis.

         Classic (and Vintage)     1920 - 1960 Light, club and executive aircraft.                                                              

         Ex-Military                      Just as it says.   B-25s, B-26s P-38s etc, all in civil garb                                              
         Light aircraft                   Too new to be 'Classic'  (1960 on)

         Executive                        Light twins and jets (all eras)