Douglas B-18A  Bolo   XA-LUN        (c/n


                                                The Douglas B-18 Bolo was a sort of militarized DC-2.  This was one of two which languished on
                                                the Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico airport in the early 1960s.  (The other was XA-LUO and I
                                                have a shot of it, if anyone's interested).  They were operated for a while by Pancho Munez (dba
                                                Baja Airlines) on runs from Tijuana to Bahia de Los Angeles.  Later they were used for hauling shrimp
                                                in Baja California.  As can be seen, XA-LUN was virtually derelict when I shot this photograph.
                                                I have no knowledge of its c/n or previous Army Air Corps serial number.   There may have been
                                                some US civil registered B-18s, but I never saw one.    There is a nice one at the Pima Air and
                                                Space Museum in Arizona and, although this selection is supposed to be for civilianized ex-military
                                                aircraft I will, nevertheless append my shot of it.    As can be seen, this latter aircraft was 38-593