National Parks Airways  Fokker Super Universal  C6880        (c/n  807)


      The two Stearman's were augmented, in 1928, by three Fokker Super Universals, purchased
                                         new from the Atlantic Aircraft Corporation and one acquired from Western Air Express.  This
                                         machine played an important role in the development of mail and passenger transportation, not
                                         only in the U.S. but in Canada also.    Seen above in this nice shot from the Craig Nuemayer
                                         collection is one of NPA's Super Universals.   Other images below are two from Western Air
                                         Lines (C6769 and NC330N) and one (C7048) from the Marriott Library collection, University
                                         of Utah.  When the 1930 shot was taken, N330N had no airline markings.  In November 1934
                                         NPA updated its Super Universals with the first of three Boeing 247-Ds.       At the foot of the
                                         page is a reproduction of an interesting baggage sticker also from Craig's collection depicting
                                         what appears to be a Fokker Universal.  (Note lack of large oleo-type shock absorbers). 
                                         However, all listings of NPA aircraft which I have make no mention of a "regular" Universal. 
                                         This leads me to believe that they only operated Super Universals and that the designer of the
                                         baggage sticker must have used the wrong model!

                                     Fokker Super Universal  C6769                                                     (c/n  804)


                                        Fokker Super Universal C7048                     (c/n  808)


                                      Fokker Super Universal  NC330M            (c/n  867)