VH-UUU    Simmonds Spartan Three Seater                             (c/n  56)


                               Here's one from Geoff Goodall's "better than nothing" selection. The original photo was taken by
                               Arthur Schutt and came to Geoff via Ben Dannecker.   This Spartan was ex G-ABJS and arrived
                               in Australia in July of 1935.  It was owned by E.G. Clerk of Toowoomba, Queensland dba Austral
                               Air Services Ltd.  Six months later (January 1936) it was unfortunately sustained severe damage in
                               a wind storm at Tennant Creek, Northern territory.  The image below, from the Northern Territory
                               Library, shows two ladies in the cockpit, probably taken at Tennant Creek, circa 1935. When -UUUs
                               CofA came up for renewal the following July, it was not renewed.