VH-UMY  Lasco Lasconder                           (c/n   1)

                                       The Lasconder was built by the Larkin Aircraft Supply Company of Melbourne in 1929 as a
                                       three engine light airliner.  Power was supplied by three 150 hp Armstrong Siddeley Mongoose
                                       engines.   It bore a remarkable similarity to the Kreutzer K-5 Air Coach which was developed
                                       about the same time - mid to late 1929.  Go to my image of the latter at
                                       and you will see what I mean.  The Lasconder was a one off and plans to develop the design fell
                                       through.  It was struck off the register in 1934.  The image above is from the D. Darian-Smith
                                       collection, via the Civil Aviation Historical Society of South Australia, whilst that immediately
                                       below is from the aechives of the CAHS in Melbourne.   Photo # 3 is from the Geoff Goodall
                                       collection, while the photo at the foot of the page, also from the CAHS archives, shows -UMY
                                       as the backdrop for a group photo of what was clearly the entire Larkin Aircraft staff, circa 1929.