G-AUDK  Bristol Tourer                                      (c/n 6110)


                                           "Watch your step, Madam" - or  "Mind the Gap", 1920s style.  I am not sure if this Bristol,
                                            and the machine in the background, (Bristol Tourer Coupe G-AUDJ) were operating for WA
                                            Airways Ltd, or for Charles Kingsford Smith's Interstate Flying Services when this shot was
                                            taken.   The image comes from The A J Jackson Collection at Brooklands Museum, and depicts
                                            Mrs. J.W. Marshall alighting at Sydney having been flown from Perth by the indubitable C. Kingsford
                                            Smith.  Note the neat stitching at the rear of the fuselage.  Yes, seamstresses were employed in
                                            aircraft factories in those days.   The lower blurry image is from the C.H. Barnes collection, whilst
                                            the scratchy image following that (# 3) is from the Geoff Goodall collection.  G-AUDK went to
                                            New Guinea in 1927 and crashed there during a landing at Lae in February, 1928.   Photo No. 4
                                            came from the Perth Western Mail for 7 July 1927 and the caption read:   'Flying around Australia
                                            on a commercial venture for Bond and Co. Ltd. Sydney, Mr. Keith V. Anderson passed through
                                            Perth last weekend.  Our photograph depicts the departure from Maylands Aerodrome.  Insert:
                                            Mr. K.V. Anderson.'.  Finally the photo at the foot of the page was taken by Ellis Trautman and
                                            depicts a replica of G-AUDK which now hangs in the Museum in Geraldton, WA., in commem-
                                            oration of the real G-AUDK's flying the inaugural service from that community to Perth, on Monday
                                             5th December 1921.    This replica was also used in the movie "A Thousand Skies".