G-AUCL  Avro 504J                         


                                         The photo above and the one at the foot of the page were both taken at Perth's Esplanade in
                                         1921-22 and are from the Geoff Goodall collection.   The shot immediately below, from the
                                         National  Library of Australia collection, was taken as the 504J crossed the finish line in a 1926
                                         air race.    This image illustrates clearly the odd painting of the full rego under each wing.  This
                                         aircraft was operated by West Australian Airways until about 1931.     Note Bristol Tourer
                                         G-AUDZ, another of WAA's machines outside the Esplanade hanger in the bottom of the page
                                         shot.   Although G-AUCL became VH-UCL early in 1931,  its CofA  lapsed shortly afterward
                                         and it was stricken off the register.