VH-RMI  Vickers V.832 Viscount II                         (c/n  416)


                                        VH-RMI flew its first Ansett service in March 1959.     Whilst operating flight AN149 from
                                        Mt. Isa to Brisbane via Longreach on 22 September 1966 Capts. K. Cooper and J. Gillam
                                        reported a fire in the # 2 (port) engine as a result of cabin pressurization blower failure.  This
                                        quickly spread to the port wing fuel tank resulting in failure of the port wing spar.  The aircraft
                                        broke up in the air as it was descending into Winton, Qld. and crashed at Nadjayamba Station
                                        killing all four crew members and 20 passengers.   Greg Banfield's representative photos of
                                        this doomed airline were both taken at Mascot:  (above), in March 1961 and (below), depart-
                                        ing the airport in 1965 and now sporting the V tail logo.  Finally, at the foot of the page is an
                                        image from the CAHS collection showing -RMI in yet another variation of the tail markings
                                        employed by Ansett-ANA.