VH-MSP  Auster J/5 Adventurer                                       (c/n  2898)

                                       This was the former VH-KBL which was re-registered VH-BWS for a short spell in 1959/60.
                                       By August of 1960 it was VH-MSP and Geoff Goodall caught it at Blyth, S.A. in October of
                                       1964 (above).  It is still active and is currently a tow plane for the Gympie Soaring Club, pretty
                                       much in the livery as illustrated in the shot below taken by George Canciani at the Bendigo Air
                                       Show in 1990.   At the foot of the page is an intermediate (date-wise) shot by Geoff at the
                                       Mangalore Air Show in April 1984.