VH-DMA  de Havilland D.H.84 Dragon                     (c/n  6029)


                                 This lo-res image was gleaned from NT Library images.  This Dragon was the former VH-URE
                                 (first registered in 1933) and then VH-FDB for the Flying Doctor Service.     In November 1956
                                  it was acquired by Doug Muir's Muir Aviation of Darwin.   It crashed after takeoff from Katherine
                                 on 11 December 1957, the DCA accident report stating "The aircraft turned to the right soon after
                                 takeoff but failed to climb and after travelling some 8 miles was landed in an open field and overturned.
                                 Probably the amount and distribution of load reduced the performance capacity such that the aircraft
                                 could not reach a safe maneuvering height."