VH-ACG  Comper CLA7 Swift                          (c/n  GS32-2)

                             This shot of VH-ACG was taken at Bankstown in 1952. It had acquired a cockpit cover by that time.
                             A decade later it had migrated west to Adelaide, where Geoff Goodall took the shot immediately below
                             (# 2) in March of 1963.  The deep red had been modified to a lighter crimson with black nose trim and
                             the rego had moved to the fin. At that time it was owned by Bob Burnett-Read of Adelaide who was
                             president of the Vintage Aircraft Club of Australia and a genuine enthusiast who also owned two Proctors,
                             a Ryan STM, a BA Swallow, a Puss Moth and sundry other aircraft during the 1960s.   Shortly after that
                             photo was take Bob repainted the Swift in a silver with blue trim scheme as seen in the following shot (3)
                             by Geoff at the Blythe, South Australia air show in October 1963.   Shortly after it continued its westward
                             Shot 4 shows it at arriving at Doug Muir's house in the Perth suburb of  Mount Pleasant, in October 1971.
                             Doug had just bought it from the previous owner Jack Conroy at Kalgoorlie, where it had been stored for
                             3 years waiting for an engine overhaul.    Doug Muir's Muir Airlines of WA had been taken over by Civil
                             Flying Services, and Doug rebuilt the Comper as a retirement project over the next twenty years in Perth.
                             There was a plan at one stage to restore it to the UK register as G-ABWH.  The idea was to display the
                             aircraft at Hooton Park, Manchester, where it was built in 1932, prior to going out to Australia in 1939.
                             However, as of now VH-ACG is with the Roy Fox vintage aircraft collection in Sydney so presumably
                             that dream came to nought. 
                             Finally, shot 5 shows the Comper after its restoration by Doug Muir in Perth:  Photo by Geoff at Jandakot
                             in October 1987 displaying it with the Fokker "Southern Cross" VH-USU during a visit of the Fokker.
                             Doug painted it into the racing color scheme it wore in England in the Kings Cup Air Races of the 1930s
                             as G-ABWH and then sent to USA for the Cleveland races in 1934 as NC27K.